Drinking Water

Bulk Water Delivery in NH

Always having access to clean, fresh drinking water is something most of us don’t think too much about. Because you simply turn on your faucet and water starts flowing, it’s easy to take it for granted.

But a lot of work goes into treating water to make sure that it’s safe for consumption. No matter whether water originates from the surface or underground, it needs to be treated to remove impurities. That’s why we invested in our own water treatment facility to ensure clean, high-quality drinking water. That’s a big part of the Buxton Water difference. Read more.

To ensure that we meet the highest standards, we have our water tested regularly by laboratories. Please contact us if you would like to request a copy of our latest water quality analysis.

Who relies on us for water delivery?

Among our many customers are hospitals, municipalities, condominium associations, fire department, shopping centers, schools and churches. Grocery stores also call on us so that they have fresh, clean water to wash their produce and seafood with before making it available for sale.

Emergency water delivery

In times of drought in New Hampshire, Buxton Water often steps in to help. Droughts mean a lack of rain, of course, but sometimes water shortages can be attributed to man-made causes, such as cutting down trees. This will expose surface water (lakes, rivers, streams, etc.) to more evaporation. Removing trees will also reduce the ability of the ground to hold water.

In many cases, we have served as the temporary supplier of drinking water for municipalities. When drought conditions cause water shortages in the town’s regular water supply, we dispatch our trailers to fill up a town’s water-storage tanks.

Delivery for commercial water systems

If the water system breaks down at your business because of a broken pump or some other issue, please contact Buxton. We will set you up with bulk water deliveries until your drinking water system can be repaired.

Quality drinking water and a reliable supply

We understand all the various methods of acquiring water. We have built strong relationships with other companies in our area to ensure that we have a strong network to meet all your needs. Contact us for more information about arranging bulk water deliveries at your home or business.

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