Water for Landscaping

We cannot avoid droughts. We’ve been through them before and we’ll see them again. But if you’ve invested a lot of money in landscaping design at your home or business, you risk major damage when there is not enough water available to keep your trees, shrubs, plants and lawn healthy.

Water delivery for landscaping features

Customers who have water features like ponds and fountains also call on us to deliver potable water.

Having a pond can not only add to the aesthetics of your property, it can provide you with water when you need it the most, during the dry summer months. It can give you an alternative water source for irrigation. People invest in ponds as a way of lowering the cost of their municipal water bill or as a way of preventing their well from going dry.

Water delivery for landscaping: count on Buxton

Buxton Water has been serving the needs of New Hampshire for more than 40 years. It is one of the few companies that have a direct water source. Our well is located on our own property and is frequently tested for any imperfections.

We operate our own water-processing plant to produce chlorinated water. We also tap into spring water supplies from trustworthy local sources.

If you’re interested in water for your landscaping, contact us today and one of our experts will be glad to help.

Buxton Water—the go-to clean water source in New Hampshire.