Keep Your Business Flowing with Commercial Water Delivery

Buxton can help you with your commercial water-delivery needs. While we do everything from supplying purified water for ice cube manufacturers to delivering water for all your commercial needs, here is a summary of our primary areas:

  • Water for Construction Sites. Besides providing reliable water deliveries for all types of use, we also have a specially designed truck that emits a fine spray of water to keep a building area moist to control dust. Our drivers are well trained to apply just the right amount of water to keep several inches of soil moist. This solves the problem of backhoes turning up dry layers of dirt right below the surface. Read more.
  • Water for Landscaping. We can dispatch our trucks to your property and take care of all your landscape watering requirements. Our landscaping water truck arrives ready to get the job done safely, properly and efficiently, equipped with hoses, spray nozzles and fittings. Read more.
  • Water for Fire Protection. Buxton works with a number of fire departments to ensure that their cisterns remain at the proper capacity. It’s an important responsibility that we don’t take lightly. We provide the same service for fire retention ponds. Read more.
  • Water for Businesses. You can always depend on Buxton to deliver high-quality, clean, safe drinking water for your business. We have not only invested a lot of money in our on-site well and water-processing plant, we also use stainless-steel trucks to deliver water to you. Stainless steel sustains the purity of the water from our facility to yours. Read more.
  • Water for Aquatic Research. We deliver water to Aquatic Research Organisms (ARO) in Hampton, NH. ARO supplies quality test organisms to the environmental industry for research purposes.
Buxton is one of the few companies that have a direct water source. Our well is located on our own property and is frequently tested for any imperfections.

We operate our own water-processing plant to produce chlorinated water. We also tap into spring water supplies from trustworthy local sources.

If you’re interested in water for commercial purposes, contact us today and one of our experts will be glad to help.

Buxton Water—the go-to clean water source in New Hampshire.